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ANZ Discharge and Variation Authority To assist us in processing your request in a timely manner, please complete appropriate sections in full (as missing details may result in delays). This request
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good morning good evening good night we're watching this transmission it is I Michel Martin's the entire house is snoring asleep I'm still awake and still puting around here the house getting things done and getting the house ready and yeah I've got visitors coming up to visit me and kind of excited for that so anyways guys anzi Bank this is some serious hot water you guys have no idea and we're not talking stocks of where they're sitting that stock wise I can care less the banks are required now to have a certain amount of reserves period some they need reserves they need to have some some sort of backing in in in in in reserves and banks don't fail to do that you know with this fractional reserve lending and all this other crap that banks have been doing all these years not holding anything yeah so let's get to the article here and articles there's actually quite a bit here on an Z and the and Z's not looking really good and Z shares tumble as New Zealand central bank calls out president failure yes a precedent failure the Reserve Bank of New Zealand has condemned anze's New Zealand Bank for failures and revoked its ability to assess its own capital requirements full state forcing it to hold an extra 200 sorry 277 New Zealand 277 million in capital and New Zealand Dollars so they need to hold more more capital right and if they don't they don't they don't have the liquidity and if they don't have a little quiddity it's a problem you know like I'm pretty sure some of these banks and I'm being honest with you guys will have a really hard time scrounging up five thousand or ten thousand dollars like legit five thousand dollars sometimes they have a heart a tough time without having to create debt you know what I'm saying I'm talking about like actual have money you know what I'm saying like Australia's bank regulator a PRA and New Zealand central bank allows the country's big four banks which are owned by Australia's largest banks to use their own models to assess their operational risk capital requirements right so basically they decide how much like interest only loans we're gonna put on the books okay maybe but they do 40 and then 30 need to be lines of home equity loans and then the other 40 could be secured secured mortgages right or unsecured loans and we could do these as and we can do mastercards and where it allows to do student loans so you know they're up to them who they approve for these things and it's up to them who who gets the who under it's the deal and approves it - right so it's kind of in their hands right however however RBNZ today revealed an ziyan New Zealand license license to do so citing a precedent failure in its controls asserted ation is earned through maintaining high risk management standards and comes with stringent responsibilities for the bank directors and management says RBNZ deputy governor the...